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Altria is home to operating companies which have been undisputed market leaders in the U.S. tobacco industry for decades. We are focused on developing and marketing a portfolio of superior reduced risk products that adult smokers may choose over cigarettes. The future of our industry is about innovation, harm reduction and informed consumer choice. At the Altria Center for Research and Technology in Richmond, VA, our world class team of scientists and engineers are leading the development of the next generation of reduced risk products.

Innovation and collaboration drive us. We know that the world is full of brilliant people with bright and useful ideas and we welcome the opportunity to engage with others regarding possible technical solutions, including through licenses or acquisitions that can assist us in expanding or enhancing our product portfolio.

If you have an idea related to new products, new technologies or new advancements relating to our business, we want to hear from you! Please make your submission as detailed as necessary without sharing any confidential information. After an initial review by yet2, your submission may ultimately be reviewed by the Altria team. If Altria takes an interest in your submission, you will be contacted and likely asked to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement.